How it works

Design your collection in minutes. Have it manufactured and delivered in as little as 3 months.

1 - Tee up your project

Complete our questionaires and our platform will automatically seed a collection that fits your needs.

Complete our Brand DNA questionnaire to help us understand your brand. Once we’ve created your brand profile, our platform can recommend relevant designs.

Provide information about your target audience so we can understand how to balance sizes, styles and colors in your collection.

We’ll ask questions to understand your goals and constraints. Before you pay a cent, we’ll make sure you understand the timeline and costs involved.

2 - Curate your collection

Our experts and our proprietary software will help you choose the right designs to meet your needs

The Brand DNA algorithm profiles your brand and recommends the ideal selection of designs and colors for your audience.

Our collection balancing formulas will prescribe quantities of each style and color in your collection to create a sellable inventory.

Don’t spend hours browsing catalogs. Modify your collection quickly using our AI guided swap function for styles and colors.

We publish only the best product in our catalogs. Experts from our in-house team continuously review and filter new designs so you don’t have to.

3 - Finalize your designs

Review renders and product samples with our experts to make sure you’re satisfied before you place your order.

Use our proprietary rendering software to see what your products will look like in real time.

Before you place your order, we will send you product samples so you can see and feel the quality before you commit.

Our professional curators and designers are on call to help you finalize your collection, and place your order.

We’ll develop primary and secondary packaging options to create your perfect unboxing experience.

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